The gift of creating a story on a canvas is amazing.  The world of visual art is a form of self-expression that gives confidence.  The act of painting and drawing is a delicious obsession for me. Often, I wonder if my studies of graphic design influenced my style of painting.  The perception of movement has its own conversation.  Undoubtedly, it is understood my talent is a benefit worth exploring.

I was born in Harlem, New York.  My father and grandfather were artists.  Earl Drayton, my father was the neighborhoods’ local artist. While painting murals around Harlem my father would always say he is misunderstood.  Clarence (Bad Boy) Palmer, my grandfather played the base, sang and performed with great Jazz musicians such as; Count Base, Duke Ellington and Cab Callaway.  Clarence was well known in Harlem performing at the Cotton Club in the 1930s with Cab Colloway.  I learned how to draw from my father at the young age of three.  My grandfather taught me how to appreciate music mainly Jazz which is shown by the rhythm and movement in each of my artwork.

I am continuing my family legacy by obtain spiritual gratification by creating art pieces that are impelling with a sense of ethnic erythematic movement.  The use of mix medium along with acrylic, charcoal and pencils besides my family culture merely classifies me as a folk artist but an abstract expressionist.


aubrey                      kettle